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The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method by which people learn how to reduce unnecessary tension while going about their normal activities. Sitting, standing, using a computer, participating in athletics and performing all become easier when a person is free from the interference of excess physical tension. Alexander Technique teachers observe people engaged in their normal activities and use a combination of verbal instructions and light guiding touch to help them regain freedom of motion.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique is a good place to start if you want to learn more about the Technique. The site links to virtually all Alexander Technique web resoucres as well as to books, video and audio material and much more. This site, and the ones listed below, are maintained by Alexander Technique Nebraska, Alexander Technique Toronto and Life Bridge Coaching.

Ergonomics.org - Posture, Movement and Ergonomics provides information about how the goals of ergonomics are enhanced by using the Alexander Technique.

The Physical Therapy and Alexander Technique Homepage explores the relationship between these two methods of improving physical functioning.

Pilates and Alexander - Joseph H. Pilates and F. Matthias Alexander provides information about the men, their discoveries, and their legacies.

There are a great many books, videos and DVDs about the Alexander Technique. You can find most of them at The Alexander Technique Bookstore (USA and Canada) in Association with Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and at The Alexander Technique Bookshop (UK) in Association with Amazon.co.uk.


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